Anonymous asked: "I'm getting eevee and the eeveelutions up my arm. Amy suggestions for the background considering all the different types?"

Grass would be pretty c:

 ryanjayjohnson asked: "This is such a cool blog! I tried searching for any lapras tattoos but it seems you haven't posted any :( could you see if you could find one? I wanna see what other people have before I decide!"

Okay will do. The most popular one is pikachu. Do a lapras arm or back.

 niteoflivinbread asked: "Do you have X or Y? if so, whats your friend code?"

Sadly no D: sorry :c

 Anonymous asked: "krookodile"

I’ll have to find it.

 Anonymous asked: "Would you know any nyc tattoo artists who do pokemon?"

Nope sorry D:

 mickeylotus asked: "I'm going to get a charmander evolution half sleeve starting from the inner part of my arm and going around. Any ideas for the background??"

Do a sky  :D

 ragingichigo asked: "I'm torn between getting a glaceon or leafeon tattoo and i dont know which would be better. any thoughts?"

Do leafeon. She’s beautiful c:

 yourfavoriteweapoppp asked: "What do you think would look better a gyarados or rhydon tattoo?"

Gyarados lol

 Anonymous asked: "I really want tattoos but I'm scared that they won't suit me and people will judge me... Any advice? Also can you try and find growlithe tattoos? That's what I want to get :3"

Type growlithe into the url :D you’ll find it.

 Anonymous asked: "If you were to get a pokemon tattoo what would it most likely be of?"

Suicune :D